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Owens Corning EcoTouch R21 Paperfaced 5 1/2 in x 23 in x 93 in Batts in Bag Insulation

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For roof/ceiling and interior/exterior wall applications Installed in wood or metal framing cavities or between furring channels. Flexible fiber glass insulation 5 1/2 Inches thick.
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I placed my order and then 3 days later I got an e-mail stating that the insulation I ordered is unavailable. They had a replacement suggestion with another brand that I feel was of lesser quality. I cancelled my order without issue and ordered through my local Home Depot.

Hi David, Sorry we could not supply you with the Owens Corning insulation you ordered. We did offer you Knauf in exactly the same dimensions and R-value as to what you had ordered. Also just to confirm that the knauf insultion brand that we offered is not in any way inferior to the Owens Corning brand you ordered. In fact Knauf are one of the largest manufatureres of glasswool in the world with the highest of standards. At no point we would ever offer our customers an inferior product as a alternative. Arguable the Knauf insulation we offered you as an alternative is more envirormentally friendy product due to its manufacturing process whiole also providing the same R-value per inch to its rivels. I hope this information helps you to understand the difference between the brands. Insulation4US

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