Roxul - Rockwool Insulation for your crawl space insulation and home insulation needs. Also great for Acoustic insulation needs

Genuine Roxul - Rockwool AFB For Optimum Protection

Roxul AFB (Accoustic Fire Batt) is a lightweight, semi rigid batt insulation that improves fire resistance and acoustical performance of your home. Made from 100% recycled material and non-combustible stone wool, the product withstands intense temperatures of up to 2150°F for added safety. The combination of stone wool composition with natural organic material makes living space friendly and comfortable.

The Roxul - Rockwool AFB rigid batt insulation is available in varied thickness to provide optimum protection from outside noise and dangerous fire. AFB is flexible, it does not hold its shape like a dense rigid fiberglass board, allowing friction fit in wall partitions and system applications. Roxul - Rockwool mineral wool is a water repellent yet vapor permeable material.

We are your reliable partner for genuine Roxul AFB batt insulation. The thickness and R-Value may vary as per your need, resulting in superb quality product you’ve always wanted. Forget building insulation worries and stay relaxed for years to come. Be the first to pick to order and enjoy our discount rates!

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