Insulate your home with R-Max TSX 8500. Ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Rmax TSX-8500

The TSX-8500 series from Rmax is an energy-efficient, rigid, foam plastic, thermal insulation board similar Thermasheath-3, except that the polyiso here is bonded to a heavy 1.5 mm aluminum foil facer on the exterior portion of the board.

Due to its highly robust nature, this Rmax thermal insulation boards are considered best for efficiently enveloping the colder areas of the house such as the basement, attic, interior walls, etc.

Rmax TSX-8500 can be used without a metal barrier, provided the local building codes have no objection. A variety of thickness and lengths are available for this product. Increase the thermal efficiency of your building with this cost-effective insulation product from Rmax.

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