Owens Corning FSK Insulation

A Range Of Quality Products From The Inventor Of FIBERGLAS™

We house numerous range of FSK (foil faced) insulation products from Owens Corning. The EcoTouch® range of Foil Faced Insulation from Owens corning has a layer of aluminum foil kraft on one side. For convenience, it also provides stapling flanges. The kraft acts as a vapor barrier which provides optimum control on moisture transfer between wall and insulator.

Purchase insulation materials with confidence from Insulation4US. We house only the best and genuine products. The EcoTouch range of products is the result of over 70 years or research and innovation done by Owens Corning. Along with providing high thermal insulation it also acts as a sound barrier; hence, can also be used for soundproofing.

We offer big discounts on our products. Save even more with bulk order. Insulation4US is one of the most trusted supplier of insulation products and accessories from genuine brands. So, you're in good hands.

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