Insulate your roof or floor with single bubble wrap insulation

Single Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation is a highly efficient product to wrap your commercial, residential and agricultural building and save them from extreme weather condition. Fi-Foil’s RBI Shield™ is specifically designed to improve comfort and conserve energy from the roof, floor and walls. It contains 99.99% pure aluminium foil, with antioxidants to reduce the impact of harmful radiation and oxidation. It also gives the added benefit of improving year-round comfort.

Shop for this insulation product at exclusive price rate from Insulation4US. We have a standard collection of RBI Shield™ bubble rolls in 6”, 24” 48”, 54” 66” and 72” with 96” width and 125’ in length. Rolls are available in square edge, staple tab and with an integrated tape tab to eliminate taping the seams.

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